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Selecting a motherboard nowadays is a difficult endeavour, and even more so when picking a unit destined for gaming. We’ve collected a plethora of info in regards to the best gaming motherboards that can now be purchased on the current market. To make things transparent, we usually do our research by analyzing the owner feedback and what the professional review websites are saying about certain models. What’s more, we’ve found that sales figures, the actual price as well as the value offered for the cost matter a great deal for prospective buyers and users who are only browsing for their best options. After having gone through thousands of products, eventually settled for the best one money can buy: MSI 970. This motherboard is compatible with a broad array of processors, ranging from AMD FX to Sempron. In terms of performance, the MSI 970 seems like a safe bet, as it’s incredibly efficient and is capable of supporting DDR3 2133 memory. Moreover, this product works with many types of graphics cards. If, for some reason, you find that the MSI 970 is either unavailable or doesn’t really fit your budget, we suggest you check out the second best unit on the line, the Asus ROG Maximus VII Hero.


If the brain of your computer is the CPU, then the units featured in i7 gaming motherboard reviews serve as the heart. Functioning as the central hub of your PC, the motherboard is the component to which all other elements are linked. A motherboard should be able to keep up with all the other PC components, and as such, should have the following characteristics.



CPU Compatibility

Since the gaming motherboard and the CPU are the two most vital elements of any computer system, it is recommended that you shop for them both at the same time. This is due to the fact that the different types and brands featured as the top gaming motherboards in 2016 work with different CPUs, and vice versa.

Compatibility is determined by checking for the manufacturer of the CPU. AMD and Intel control the lion’s share of the market for CPUs. The AMD processors use different sockets from Intel, so motherboards have either Intel- or AMD-compatible sockets.

Since both AMD and Intel have done modifications on their socket standards, it can be assumed that older processors may no longer work with new generation motherboards. Also, you will want a quick-working CPU with multiple cores.


The best gaming motherboards compared

ModelCPU Model SocketPriceRatingBuy from:
3.MSI Micro ATX DDR3
ASUS Crossblade Ranger
Gigabyte Technology GA-Z97X-GAMING 5
5.Gigabyte Technology


RAM Compatibility

Aside from determining the type of processor you need to purchase (either Intel or AMD), the best gaming motherboard of 2016 will also dictate the type of RAM that can be used for expansion of your PC’s onboard memory. Modern gaming requires a motherboard that can support the most recent RAM technology, or the double data rate type three (DDR3).

Choose a motherboard that supports a RAM of at least 4 GB, as most gaming systems, and generally most PCs, require at least that much to run well. Most gamers even prefer upgradability options to 8GB RAM or 16GB RAM to obtain the most optimal levels of performance. With higher RAM capacity, there is less likelihood of lagging or freezing, which can make or break your gaming experience.


Optimum Form Factor

The actual physical size of the unit is also another factor to consider when buying a motherboard. Upgrading an existing PC or building a whole new computer entails that you consider the system’s demands and size in choosing a motherboard. You will want to look at how big your computer case is.

Generally, gaming systems are built into a hefty desktop computer case. A Standard ATX motherboard measuring 12 x 9.6 inches is quite common in gaming. A smaller system requires that you ensure the fit of your motherboard into the PC housing.

The form factor of your motherboard also determines the number of expansion slots for your motherboard. A standard ATX unit comes with seven, while a Micro ATX carries only four.


Support of Motherboard Functions

The motherboard functions to access the information on the DVD drive, the CD drive and the hard drive and presents everything in a manner that you can perceive. It will also serve to control the objects you link to the USB ports, HDMI outputs, monitor ports, as well as other auxiliary connectors.

The motherboard is also involved in connecting to the Internet via a router or an Ethernet cable. The sound and video cards handle most media tasks, while the motherboard is pretty much engaged in optimization of Windows Media Player or iTunes.


Find the best product for your PC


Getting the best gaming motherboards 2016 ensures that your gaming system consistently provides exceptional gaming performance at all times. Amidst the multitude of brands and models on the market, the buyer ought to be aware of the top selling ones and what makes them so in order to make a wise investment in this type of gear.





1.MSI 970 GAMINGThe MSI 970 GAMING Motherboard is one of the cheapest for sale on the market, as it won’t even cost you a full benjamin. Compatible with AMD FX, Phenom II, Athlon II and Sempron processors, the motherboard features a versatile AM3+ socket. It capably supports DDR3 2133 memory so performance is always reliably efficient and powerful. Ensuring low lag and high speed, the motherboard is equipped with the landscape-changing Killer E2200 Game Networking capability that changes the gaming landscape.

The two rear USB 3.0 ports ensure reliable connectivity to various multimedia sources.Optimized for multiple graphics cards, the motherboard ensures that your computer system always operates at a stable level even under the most demanding gaming situations.

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2.ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIIThe ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VII HERO Motherboard boasts Extreme Engine Digi+III that delivers hardcore power using only premium components. The system offers precision-engineered audio via Supreme FX. The onboard M.2 ensures up to 10GB data transfer speeds to help you do more in less time. The GameFirst III software is engineered for advanced optimization of the network to ensure immediate responsiveness for delay-free gameplay.

Your keyboard gets instantly upgraded thanks to the integrated KeyBot. Installation is easy and the dual intelligent processors boost up speed automatically.

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3.MSI Micro ATX DDR3The MSI Z97M Motherboard features the advanced Killer E2200 Intelligent Networking Platform engineered for optimal networking performance to enable you to enjoy online games and premium quality streaming media. Thanks to the Advanced Stream Direct feature, the Killer E2200 detects and accelerates game traffic automatically for smooth and stutter-free gameplay performance.

The motherboard’s automatic traffic prioritization is expertly engineered so you can engage in real-time chat and games instead of getting bogged down by low-level system chatter. Most importantly, you can maximize crystal-clear sound and less noise thanks to the MSI Audio Boost 2.

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ASUS Crossblade Ranger


4.ASUS ATX DDR3Boasting Republic of Gamers technology, the ASUS Crossblade Ranger motherboard comes with gaming-oriented features and capability. Outfitted with a robust AMD A88X FCH chipset, the system has 5-Way Optimization through its Dual Intelligent Processors. This enables the tuning key to perfectly consolidate ASUS’ exclusive DIGI+ Power Control, EPU, TPU and Fan Xpert 3 to optimize system performance as well as digital power setting, whole system cooling configuration and power saving.

Employing the SupremeFX 2014 + Sonic Radar II, the motherboard delivers great sound quality. The Gamer’s Guardian feature ensures durability and reliable performance.

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Gigabyte Technology GA-Z97X-GAMING 5


5.Gigabyte TechnologyPerfect for i7 processors, the Gigabyte Technology GA-Z97X-GAMING 5 Motherboard offers an LGA1150 package that makes it compatible with Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 processors, as well as Intel Pentium and Celeron processors. The onboard exclusive AMP-UP audio technology delivers ultra-realistic, clear sound effects during gaming, ensuring the richest and most immersive sound experience even when enjoying your favorite movies and music.

The Realtek ALC1150 115dB SNR high-definition Audio Codec provides a remarkable audio listening experience so you can enjoy the best possible sound quality on your computer.Ten DAC channels are available to support 7.1-channel sound playback for ear busting sound.

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